My Fave Date Spots in the Comox Valley

The following suggestions can be done alone, with a friend or your significant other. I am a huge advocate for doing activities alone and taking yourself out – these are suggestions that came from my husband and I sharing some common interests and merging them. 

Ever since my husband and I met in 2020, during the pandemic, planing dates together was important. We both appreciate quality time and the effort never went unnoticed. We did start our date nights just at home – we would each take a day and plan something for us to do. It became a ritual that we still do, 3 years later. 

I’ll be honest though, we both love to stay home so I do especially love our dates that we plan at home but once in awhile – we need to venture out.

Here are my favourite spots that he has planned that I can’t say enough about. 

Sunset Date at Williams Beach

1. Walking along the Airpark in Courtenay and then going to Ace Brewing for a pretzel and beer.

The walking trails runs parallel to the river and offers some amazing views.

You’ll notice that many of our dates include going to a brewery but feel free to change that to something you enjoy – whether it be a winery, restaurant or smoothie bar.

2. taking a ride up mount washington in the side-by-side and then you guessed it – going to land and sea for nachos.

My husband recently got the side-by-side to explore the local trails and further trails. The trail systems in our community is truly remarkable and it still amazes me how they are so connected. And when you are part of the ATV Club you have access to trails that the general public wouldn’t.


3. Packing a lunch and going for a picnic at the beach.

This one is probably my most favourite. It can literally be done at any of the beaches we have around here (Miracle Beach, Saratoga, Williams Beach, at Kye Bay etc) and you can really get creative with what you bring. I love homemade mini pizzas with fruit kebobs or a little side salad, sandwiches, or a charcuterie board. This is one my favourites because its low-cost and the quality time is so intentional.


4. Going to the Farmers’ Markets.

This one is especially fun because you never know what you may come home with. These are usually on Saturdays and it offers a wide variety of fresh produce, baked goods and artisanal crafts. You can pick up all your ingredients to make a gourmet romantic meal at home.

We love browsing the stalls and sampling the local foods. The Comox Valley Farmers’ Market and the Cumberland Farmers’ Market are two of our favourites. 

It’s important to get creative with your time together. It doesn’t have to cost anything but time and effort. You know what each other enjoys and trying new things together will only help the relationship. 

We hope these date ideas inspire you to get out and explore the beautiful Comox Valley. Whether you’re into beer, nature, or delicious food, there’s something for everyone here.

What Are You Favourite Ways To Spend Your Date Nights/Days?

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