5 Steps to Buying Land

Want your own little slice of heaven out in the country, away from the crowds and demands of everyday life? Here’s what you need to do to buy a perfect piece of land!

   1. Decide what you want. Do you want something that’s a world away from the city, that’s as wild as wilderness can be? Or are you looking for something that you can eventually build on? Get clear on what you want from a piece of land now because it will change what you look for.

  1. Get your finances in line. Financing a land purchase isn’t quite as simple as a home. It’s easiest to have cash to buy land since it can be difficult to get a loan, especially if you want to buy a lot that’s completely undeveloped. But with good credit, a large down payment, and a clear plan for the land, you can get financing. 
  1. Find an agent. As a buyer, you can work with an agent for basically free, so there’s no reason not to use one, especially if you’re buying land for the first time. 
  1. Understand utilities and roads. Your agent will help explain this, but some lots will come with utilities available and already piped in. In other lots, you’ll need to figure out water, sewer, electricity, and internet. And if you’re looking somewhere really rural, you might have to build out a road too. That can get pricey fast, so you’ll have to build any excavation and building into your budget. 
  1. Choose a property and submit an offer. Once you find a property you want, you’ll work with your agent to submit an offer. 

With a little luck, you’ll soon be the owner of your very own country’s haven.

And.. as an extra piece of advice…Here’s some things to consider when building your home.

  • If you want everything about your new home to be perfect when you move in, building a home might be a great choice for you! When you build, you can… 
  • Build wherever you want 
  • Make it exactly how you like it 
  • Deal with less maintenance But with all the pros, there are sure to be some cons as well: -It’s more expensive than buying a resale house 
  • Construction loans can be complicated and hard to get 
  • It takes a long time to build a home. 
  • The cost of building a home depends on the lot you buy, your location, and how big you want to build. 

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